Club Rules

Hokowhitu Bridge Club is a member of NZ Bridge and conducts its play according to the rules, conduct and etiquette endorsed by the national body.

Generally, sessions are under the control of a professional director.

Players may use any bidding system they choose so long as it is declared, but ACOL is most commonly used and is the language taught in our classes.

Results are usually scored and posted at the end of each session.  Two sets of results are usually posted - 'open' and 'handicapped'.   The open winners attract 'C-points'.
Table money is set currently at $5 per session, but 5-, or 10-session cards are available at a charge of $4 per session.  (Good value.)
Visitors are most welcome and if unpaired, please contact the session host for a partner.  Casual pairs may play, except during Swiss pairs or teams events where complete tables need to be arranged in advance.
Visitors are welcome to play at our sessions.  There is no specific limit to the number of sessions, but visitors with frequent attendance will be encouraged to join the Club.
The club has a substitutions policy for general pairs and teams play and for the 6 session annual championships.

  • Rules for the Club Championships